Bringing Relief with Humanitarian Aid in Times of Need

A humanitarian crisis is a series of events that threaten almost everyone when it comes to safety, the well-being of a certain community, and health. This has been a great problem in the world as it can affect numerous people in a large area or even country. Various people from across the world help hand in hand to provide these refugees the humanitarian aid that they need, thus, hospital internship and medical internship exist to form a number of people to volunteer. In this world, all that everyone needs to do is to give out their hand and help out.


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Types of Crisis That the World Is Experiencing

Each country is experiencing a type of crisis that greatly affects its people. But with proper management of their territory and its people, the crisis, hopefully, can be eliminated in a defined time. Many countries experience a crisis that could happen for many years. It may be famine, natural disasters, and armed conflicts. Luckily, thousands of people are willing to give out humanitarian aid to those who are in need of relief. If you want to make a difference, you can start by discussing with your community on how you want to eliminate certain types of crisis. Here’s a list of the types of crisis that the world is experiencing:

1.    Armed Conflicts.

This concerns a territory having rebellious armed forces. Countries have had battle-related deaths and these have been rising each year. This crisis is the confrontation between the government’s armed forces and the forces of other armed groups.  Armed conflicts arise from issues including ethnicity, religion, and identity. This type of crisis is the number one cause of people fleeing from their home country. These are some of the examples that relate to Armed Conflict:

·       World War

·       Genocide

·       Drug War

·       Revolution

This conflict can be dealt with if a government decides to make peace with other territories and provide the needs of their people. Read more at Involvement Volunteers International.

2.    Natural Disaster.

Hurricane, flood, and earthquake – these are the types of natural disasters that have affected a lot of people in different areas. Nobody can predict a natural disaster, which is why it can cause death to thousands of lives. Humanitarian aid is being expanded with hospital internships to the people who are in need. These are some of the types of natural disasters:

·       Earthquake

·       Sinkhole

·       Volcanic eruption

·       Tsunami

This type of crisis cannot be prevented but however, preparation for such disaster can help reduce the danger.

3.    Complex Emergency.

This type of crisis is a combination of conflict, political instability, and poverty. It is a political problem that can affect the economic stability of a country. If this issue isn’t being dealt with by the government, its territory will eventually experience famine and will affect everyone’s well-being. These are some of the situations:

·       Epidemic

·       Conflicts

·       Displaced populations

·       Extensive violence in a territory

This type of crisis can be eliminated when the government is stable and political problems have already been fixed.

If you want to give out your helping hand, you can check to find out more information regarding humanitarian aid and how you can help.