Friendly Reminders When Visiting The Land of Smiles

You’ve been given a two-week vacation and are looking for an excuse to take a trip to Asia? Although the idea of traveling in Asia is quite challenging, it is often rather easy and is exceptionally rewarding. From the world-class city of the capital Bangkok, the incredible exotic food, the majestic temples like Wat Pho and Wat Phra Kaeo, the pristine beaches, the warm greetings of the locals and amazing tourists spots such as Villa Koh Tao Thailand has today, you’ll realize that an Asian vacation gives you more value for your money than anywhere else!

As Alexander Graham Bell suggests, “Preparation is the Key to success”. For you enthusiastic first-time backpackers out there, here’s a list on how to be readily equipped for trekking the exotic streets of Thailand.

The Basics

In order to prepare for such a trip there are a various items you may choose to bring, but honestly there are only three that are essential:

·  Your Passport with necessary Visas

·  Plane tickets

·  Money

Pack Light

Besides these basic commodities, don’t ever over-pack. Take it from me. You don’t want to spoil our vacation by always worrying about your stuff or complaining about the heavy backpack you always carry around. It spoils the fun in traveling!

Pack very light since clothing and shoes can be found in most urban areas in Asia. The weather is mostly warm all year round so you won’t need much. Anyway if you did forget something important, bargain shopping can be a fun and affordable alternative to going to malls. But do take heed that for the Grand Palace and some temples in Bangkok, shoulders and knees must be covered.

Better Safe Than Sorry

Nasty mosquitoes are everywhere given the tropical climate, but that doesn’t mean you’re just going to leave it be to be bitten by these nasty creatures. You can use mosquito repellent in the form of lotions or sprays, whatever works for you. Also, take heed to any local warnings for the areas you will visit. Most of the tourist destinations, for instance the Villa Koh Tao Thailand has, offer rooms in the middle of a rainforest but with screen doors and windows and air conditioning to keep the insects away.

Always Be Vigilant

Always keep your wits about you. Especially when you are in a nice beach resort like Samui Buri or a luxury villa such as Villa Koh Tao Thailand locals will think you are well-off. Always ask information from your hotel instead of talking to the locals just to be sure. Also when commuting, always agree a fare price before riding in a tuk tuk and make sure the taxi you use is being metered. Keep your belongings close to your body to monitor them just to be safe.

Respect the Culture

In Thailand, don’t touch a Thai person on the head because it is considered the most sacred part of the body, while the feet are the lowest. Not under any circumstances must you point your feet towards a person or any sacred image, especially of the Buddha or the King. Thai people have the nice habit of smiling, even far more than the average foreigner so always flash a toothy grin.