Palm Cove – A Paradise!

When a holiday destination is mentioned, a unique, quiet and relaxing atmosphere is what comes to your mind and senses. Palm Cove offers exactly that. Palm Cove is referred to as a tropical paradise providing all that is required for you to have an amazing holiday. This destination of relaxed atmosphere is located only 25 minutes north of Cairns tropical North Queensland, Australia; thus perfectly positioned in the center of all the Cairns attractions with easy access to everything to the north and south of Palm Cove. The American market rediscovered Cairns and Port Douglas while they were attracting new visitors from Asia. This was due to a growth in direct airline services, wrote Tom Gibson of JLL Australia. The paradise destination from Cairns to Palm Cove is defiantly one to try and below are reasons why.


When going for a holiday, accommodation is one of the key factors and Palm Cove has it all figured out. There are varieties of accommodation options ranging from numerous world class and award winning beach resorts and restaurants, holiday homes, boutique hotels to family apartments. All these are available and created with great style to suit different tastes and budgets of the travellers.


As you make your travel plans, transport services are very crucial. You may want to move around from your accommodation to various sightseeing areas and a door to door service is best for you as a tourist. This service is available and reliable in Palm Cove whereby you can hire car services or book airport transfers from Cairns to Palm Cove which can be done online by visiting . Apart from transport services you can easily find hairdressers, shopping malls and grocery shops in the area.


Why is Palm Cove such a big deal? Why is it referred to as simply the best location for your tropical North Queensland holiday travel? This is because there are many attractions in addition to the relaxing and sophisticated atmosphere. The attractions mainly include reef rainforest, wildlife, adventure, and indigenous culture among others.  In addition to this, there are lots of activities in Palm Cove to keep one happy and entertained such as the annual reef feast and the iron man; just to mention a few. Thus, your Cairns to Palm Cove travel is never a dull moment. Palm Cove also creates a beautiful atmosphere for parties, weddings and conferences.


Holidays are about having a good time, enjoying life and that includes food and well-being. Palm Cove destination gets this and you will be impressed with the variety of dining options available for you. You can easily access five-star hotels, and simple and classy cafes. Also, Palm Cove is said to be named as the ‘spa capital of Australia’. This is due to its extensive world class wellness spa collection available to give you a chance to cool down and relax.

As you plan for your next holiday trip, think of Palm Cove as a paradise to give you an experience that is worth your time and money.