River Tatai – the jewel of Cambodia

It is always fascinating to spend your holiday in the midst of amazing natural beauty such as green forests and in the backdrop of spectacular natural waterfalls flowing down the rocky cascade. You find such magnificent tourist spot on the banks of the famous Tatai river which is about 20 kilometers from Koh Kong province of Cambodia. Since 2009, there has been more than a 50% increase in the number of tourists visiting this wonderful bounty of nature. In fact, this highlights the popularity of the river Tatai in the tourist map of Cambodia.

Tatai RiverVarieties of lodges:

For the convenience of the visitors, several lodges have come up in the mountains of the National park adjacent to the Tatai River. In addition to these, several lodges have also come up on the banks of the river. Further, you also find many floating lodges where you can spend your holiday enjoying the smooth sail on the river Tatai.

Comfortable stay:

In fact, Tatai River is considered to be one of the eco-tourism destinations. Most of the lodges are bamboo structures and they are powered by solar energy. Although the lodges are located in remote locations, they are very well connected with good roads. Interestingly, the lodges provide you every comfort that you expect, like, for example, king-size beds, air conditioners, comfortable furniture, bathroom en-suite, hot water, abundant lighting, and security. In addition to these, the tourists are also entertained with both traditional Cambodian and continental cuisines and drinks. Many of the lodges have facilities for kids, those on wheel chair as well as for pets.

The beauty of sunset:

Certainly, you will be elated by the comforts provided in such remotely located lodges. As you walk along the banks of the Tatai River, you would also enjoy the cool breeze and the stunning view of the sunset. In addition to this, you can also view the herds of elephants and several other wild animals in their natural habitat.

Trek along the river:

If you have the fascination for boating, you can hire a boat and go on a cruise on the river. Most of the tourists visiting Tatai will never miss the boat trip to the Tatai waterfall. The exhilarating experience of this boating may be difficult to be expressed by words. During the summer season, you can also venture swimming in the downstream and also take bath at the specially erected bathing points of Tatai waterfall. Trekking is a popular sport and most people opt for it while on the tour to Tatai.

Popular among tourists:

The River Tatai has now become a popular destination for parties. In fact, several wedding parties have been held in the lodges of river Tatai. For the convenience of tourists, several service apartments are also coming up at several locations of river Tatai. Click here Ecolodges

Tourist guides:

Popular lodges like the http://ecolodges.asia/3-general-content/rooms/50-tatai-waterfalls.html  provide you not only comfortable accommodation but also services of experienced and trusted guides. You may contact any of the authorized tour organizers who would prepare your itinerary depending on the duration of your visit and your budget.

Before you book your accommodation, you must enquire about the facilities available in the lodge. You should also go through the terms and conditions of the lodge. It is always ideal that you book your accommodation sufficiently in advance.