Tips on Choosing a Reliable Migration Agents Perth Service

Australia has a fairly complex visa application process and if you are planning to migrate to the Australian city of Perth, it is advisable to choose a good migration agents Perth service to assist you with the application process. Many migrants planning to move to the city on the edge of Western Australia have experienced plenty of horrors at the hands of unprofessional migration agents. The horror stories may dissuade you from getting a migration agents Perth service but the truth is the process can be easier when you take the time and do the legwork in choosing an agent that is reputable and can guarantee you professional service.


Typical problems that you are likely to face when using fraudulent migration agents include misleading information on the visa application process from quacks who obviously do not know what they are doing, payment for services that are not delivered and exorbitant rates from online brokers who transfer the visa application process to third party migration agents in Perth. Here are some helpful tips that you can use to make sure you do not fall victim to fraud when choosing a suitable migration agents Perth service:


The Australian law requires all migration agents to be registered. Before opting for a particular service, check to ensure that the agent is registered by the Migration Agents Registration Authority or the MARA. You can establish the company’s MARA registration status by visiting this website Other sites where you can establish the company’s MARA registration status include the Migration Institute of Australia’s site at This is a professional organization in which all the reputable migration agents in Australia are members. Visit the Yellow Pages too at to establish the company’s presence.

Check out the cost of using the migration agent service

On the MARA website, you can find the average fees charged by the various migration agents in Perth. You can use this information to establish which Perth migration agent will offer you the best value for money with your Australian visa application process.  It is important to note that these are only average estimates. The actual fee for visa services usually depends on the scope of services offered by each company and is generally agreed upon between the client and their agent.

The Relevant Experience of the Agent

An agent with more experience in the industry is more likely to provide you with accurate and relevant information based on your individual circumstances during the visa application process.  The immigration regulations and laws change constantly at the whims of the legislators and you need an agent that is fully in tune with these laws and changes in laws, so as to avoid inconveniences later on in your application process. More experienced migration agents not only understand the laws but are able to navigate easily around the complexities surrounding the laws so as to assist you submit successful applications.

Customer feedback

Past customer feedback can give you good clue on the quality of service to expect from your migration agent in Perth. Check feedback on Yelp and in the company’s customer testimonials section.

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