Top 4 Day Tours in Sydney

Sydney is one of the most visited cities in the world. It is not surprising why – there are plenty of attractions and a good mix of activities that the city has to offer. Whether or not you have a few days stay or intend to stay for a while, you can book private day tours Sydney has to offer to maximize the experience. Each tour is accompanied by a guide wherein you will follow a specific itinerary to see and experience new things. Each tour is provided with your own vehicle, along with the guide, for your convenience in getting from one point to another.

private day tours sydney

If you are currently planning your itinerary, here are the highly rated private day tours Sydney has today to consider for your list.

Blue Mountains Day Tour

The Blue Mountains tour is one of the most popular in Sydney, particularly among tourists who are naturally inclined. The Blue Mountains region is accessible from Sydney making it ideal for a day trip. There are several national parks located within the Blue Mountains area; hence, you can visit as many parks as you like. You will also be able to visit a few notable attractions along the way such as the Three Sisters Rocks, Featherdale Wildlife Park, Katoomba and Megalong Valley. It does not take a natural lover in order to appreciate the natural beauty of the Blue Mountains.

Hunter Valley Day Tour

If you love wines and dream of going on a vineyard tour, this tour is for you! Hunter Valley region is the most popular vineyard region in Australia, not just in New South Wales. It is accessible from Sydney by car, which makes it a great side trip if you are visiting the city. You can also enjoy fine cuisine during your visit to Hunter Valley via a delicious lunch paired with the region’s best wines. Include this tour in your itinerary if you are a wine lover and fan of fine dining. Visit at Terrific Tours Sydney

Jenolan Caves Day Tour

This is another notable sight-seeing tour in Sydney. You will be able to enjoy a few lovely sites such as the Grand Arch located in the Jenolan Caves. The visit to the Grand Arch is the highlight of this trip. You will also be able to explore limestone caverns or be in awe by the magnificent Blue Lake. Don’t forget to stop by The Caves House, which is an interesting attraction since this is where the rich would go to for a holiday retreat in the 1920s.

Bridge Climb Tour

Last but certainly not the least, you should book a tour to climb and walk across the Sydney Harbor Bridge. It is a popular activity among tourists especially with first-time visitors to Sydney. The experience is topped with the ability to enjoy a gorgeous view of the harbor from another perspective.

When looking for private day tours Sydney has to offer, ask for the aforementioned tours if the company offers them. Partaking in any of these tours will give you the full Sydney experience both for the young and old!