Volunteer Work: 3 Ways Volunteers Can Get Involved

One of the main responsibilities of every person is enhancing the lives of others. While some people do it in a professional way for pay, it is good to know you could still do the same out of free will and with no pay. People who volunteer to cherish lives of others have in a great way made this world a better place for many. If you feel you need to volunteer in any way to see the lives of others improve, Nepal is the place to go. People who get involved in any volunteer work Nepal has and extend human kindness to those who need it make life worth living. Learn several ways or areas where your volunteer work could be on high demand.

volunteer work nepal

Teaching English in local schools

Most students in government-run schools in Nepal such as those in Gurkha, Pokhara, and Kathmandu desire to learn English as a foreign language. However, finding people who are fully conversant with this foreign language in this place is not always obvious. In fact, most of the pupils you find in these schools in Nepal are from low-income families, and most of them are unable to acquire basic education. Some of the ways volunteers use to make these pupils understand English is teaching them English songs, teaching them how to read English story books and helping them pronounce some English words. This way, the volunteers make the volunteer work Nepal has today more effective and memorable.

Training traditional farming projects

Most people in the rural Nepal depend on traditional farming for food and other social and family needs. It is true that most people in these rural zones do not farm using modern or technological methods. This means they are involved in extremely hard work, but the reward is limited. Even if the government of this place has given the farmers modern tools to use on their farms, they may keep the tools at home until they know how to use them. However, the volunteers can spend a good time with the farmers in their rural farms, training them on how to use them. Such tools would include rice farming equipment and milking machines among others. Training farmers here how to involve technology in their farming is one of the volunteer work programs in Nepal you could do.

Working in daycare centers

While some people in some states around the globe leave their kids in daycare centers to manage their professions and careers, it is quite different in Nepal. Most of the children you find in the daycare centers in this place are orphans, destitute, disabled and those abandoned. Such kids need care and company just to feel they are as important as other kids. If you are willing to spend some time in the volunteer work Nepal has, you should be ready to show kindness, empathy, love and care to these kids. Working in orphanages and other child care programs expecting no pay is quite emphatic.

People from across the globe have shown inexplicable empathy and humane by volunteering in this place. The kind of volunteer work in Nepal with IVI has upgraded the living standards of most poor people in the region. In fact, besides volunteering, some volunteers donate food, clothing and other basic needs to the less fortunate in this place to make their future brighter and full of hope.